Thursday, 6 December 2018

Present Ideas for Mum! BLOGMASDAY6!


Christmas is fast approaching so here I have a few ideas of gifts for you mum or even nan, sister or aunt! This year I have struggled immensely to think of different gifts for my family.. even as I am writing this I still haven't bought many presents!! 

Anywayyy! Gift ideas for mums;


Pyjamas is something my mum receives most christmas's, I think they are such a lovely gift as you can either get some cute fluffy ones from Primark or get some silky satin pyjamas from Boux Avenue for example. They are in anyones price range depending on the kind you prefer which great! 

Here are some pyjamas from New Look <--(link here). Where they are red tartan they are very christmassy which is fitting and they are only £12.99! Bargain if you ask me!

If you would like the pyjamas to be more of your main present to your mum, as I mentioned before, Boux Avenue have some comfy pyjamas. Here are some that I found. They are navy with white stars and are also satin which is cosy in bed! These pyjamas are £45 so a bit more pricey but definitely worth it as a treat for your mum!

Photo frame

Getting a photo frame for your mum and putting a picture of the two of you or all your family in is a thoughtful idea and I bet your mum would love this gift the most! The good thing about buying a photo frame is that it doesn't need to be mega expensive! Shops such as HomeSense always have cute frames in that are usually a great price so check it out!!


Gloves, everyone needs gloves for the winter months don't they? Why don't you treat your mum to some new ones? Here are a couple of different options for you. 
Marks and Spencers always seem to do such a good range of different gloves, you can find all kinds of colours and styles and they aren't overly expensive either! Winninggg

Knitted Pom-Pom Gloves (here) - These are currently only available in a caramel colour but it is still a beautiful colour for the autumn/winter. They are knitted so will keep your hands warm, and they also have 3 pom-poms on which adds something extra to them. These gloves are £15.

Leather Faux Fur Gloves (here) - These gloves are black leather gloves that have a thick band of faux fur on the wrist. These come in three shades, black, navy and grey. They are a bit more on the pricey side at £39.50 but they would definitely last and keep your hands warm and dry!

Meal for two

If you are really struggling for ideas, you could always pay for you and your mum or your mum and dad to go out for a meal after Christmas. I know my mum and dad don't go out for date nights very often so why not give them the chance to go out! You could even offer to be taxi for the night! 

I hope you found this post helpful! 


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