Friday, 7 December 2018

Present Ideas for Dad! BLOGMASDAY7


Following from yesterdays post, which you can find here, today I am going to be giving you some gift ideas for you dad or grandad or even uncle!


Does anyone else dad literally make holes in his slippers?! Mine does.. thats why new slippers is always a good shout as a gift. 

Here are some standard slippers, these ones are Navy faux fur lined slippers. I think these are the kind of slipper that any dad would wear and they are fairly well priced at £22. 

You can also get some more sturdy slippers which you can find here. These are Jasper Conran Navy Suede moccasin slippers. These slippers look so comfy. These are £40 but I can imagine the slippers lasting for ages as them being a better quality.

Personalised Glass

Getting your dad a personalised pint glass or mug is such a thoughtful idea. You can get these made on most online sites, I tend to normally use as I find it a reliable site. I'm pretty sure your dad or father figure would absolutely love this gift!


My dad loves a scarf in the winter! do some good scarfs. They do various colours and styles so you will most likely find a scarf perfect for your dad. 
I quite like scarfs like this (click here) I love the colours, the grey tones are appropriate for winter and I like the stripes. Also this scarf is only £15! I think this is a great price. 


I'm sure socks are a pretty standard present for your dad right? Whether they are from Tesco, Next, Topman.. socks are socks and your dad will always need them!

A Day Out

You could always plan a day out with you dad or even your whole family. Whether its for a walk along the beach or to play some crazy golf. You don't have to do anything too expensive as its the thought that counts!

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  2. These are some great ideas. I always like gifting experiences, such as a day out, or consumables. Something they can wear or use.


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