Saturday, 8 December 2018

Our Christmas Eve Traditions! BLOGMASDAY8!


I thought I'd give you all an insight of what my Christmas Eve's use to be like when I was younger compared to them now. 


So when I was younger every Christmas Eve myself and my sister would go to my dads work with him and spend the day there. We would track santa on Norad, then have McDonalds for lunch. My dad would always have a raffle so we would help give out the prices and then on the drive home we would listen to 'Driving home for Christmas' which always put us in a such a great christmas spirit! We would then spend the evening at a Pantomime and have go out for dinner. When we got home we would have a bath and whilst in there we would hear some bells and Santa would drop some christmas pyjamas for us by the front door for us to wear this night. In our new Christmassy pyjamas we would go to bed as excited little kids. 


Nowadays, I like to have a bit of a lay in on Christmas Eve! I don't actually tend to do much on throughout the day... I might go out for lunch then I will go to the pub with some friends in the evening till about midnight. It's always such a good atmosphere, everyones excited for the food on Christmas Day!!

What do you do on Christmas Eve? 


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