Saturday, 15 December 2018

Christmas Swapbox with AlixKate! BLOGMASDAY15!


Soooo it has been a few days, whoops! I have been super busy and also feel as if I am getting the flu so haven't really had the energy to write some posts, I'm sorry!!

However, todays post is a exciting one!! Alix from AlixKate (here) and I decided to make up a little Christmas Swapbox for each other this as a bit of fun and something neither of us have done before. We agreed with the budget of £20 to spend on each other which I think is a good amount. 

Today I opened what I received from Alix, OMG was I excited or whatttttt! Here is a picture of the cute gifts I received. 

Firstly, lets talk about the travel mug, how wintery is this!! It's perfect for me to put my morning hot chocolate in for on the way to work, the print of the foxes is cute too.

I then opened a candle from Bloom Collection. To be honest I haven't actually had a candle from there before but Pink Peony and Cashmere scent is divine! Next I opened up the Carmex Lip balm, I mean who doesn't love Carmex??? Lip balm is something that is always at the bottom of my handbag incase I ever have chapped lips or have forgotten a lippy, it gives your lips a bit of a shine which is nice. 

I love to have baths, especially in the winter, next time I have a bath i'll be able to use the bath fizzer that Alix got me! It was a white fizzer with the letter C in the middle...cute!! Next up was the face mask, which will go perfectly with my bath! I always use face masks so it is nice to always have some spare in case I run out. I then opened a hand cream from Sanctuary, I always fine Sanctuary products so nice to use, I never really by myself hand creams either - which I probably should start doing!! This hand cream smells so nice and made my hands feel really soft. 

The last thing I opened I am probably the most excited about, I know that Alix loves Revolution Make up and to be honest I haven't actually ever tried make up from there! So when I opened this lipstick from there in the shade 'Fudge' I was super excited to try it out!!

Thank you so much for my gifts Alix it was so much fun trying to find you different bits that I thought you may like!! Go check out Alix's post about what gifts I got here this Christmas!


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