Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Pound Shop Game! BLOGMASDAY4


The pound shop game is something we done last year and I think will be a game we carry on for all the years to come. It is pretty self explanatory but basically you have to buy a present for everyone who wants to take part, for a pound. So if there is 10 of you, you will spend £10, £1 for every person. The present can be as strange, weird, funny as you like and it is fun trying to find something for each individual. 

How we done ours was we chose a present for each individual, everyone who joined in wrapped the presents in the same wrapping paper and had the same labels with the relevant persons name on so you don't actually know who bought you what present. This meant some of the things people were getting others was hilarious! My mum got two brooms and two dust pan and brushes and my boyfriend got two pies!!!😂😂 See what I mean you can make it as funny as you like!

Not only is the game fun, but its also only £1 for each person which is extremely good if you are on a budget and you will also get ten presents at the end of it, which is also pretty good - depending on what presents you got. 

Do you have any fun games you play on Christmas Day?

Courtney Jayne X

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