Monday, 3 December 2018

My Christmas Top Threes! BLOGMASDAY3


Today I have some statements and I am going to answer them with my Top 3 answers. It's a pretty simple post but hopefully you will try to get to know me a little bit more and its a bit of fun, who doesn't love fun at Christmas ay!! 

πŸŽ„Top 3 foods at ChristmasπŸŽ…
- Brussels
- Lindt chocolate
- Crispy roast potatoes

πŸŽ…Top 3 'Christmassy' makeup looksπŸŽ„
- Natural eyes and a red lip
- Red eyes and a nude lip
- Natural eyes and nude lip

πŸŽ„Top 3 things to do on Christmas EveπŸŽ…
- Go to the pub with friends
- Spend the evening with family watching Christmas films and drinking hot chocolate
- Go out for a meal 

πŸŽ…Top 3 things to do on Boxing DayπŸŽ„
- Chill all day eating left over food 
- Spending it with family 
- Boxing Day sales!

πŸŽ„Top 3 outfits I would wear on Christmas DayπŸŽ…
- Comfy loungewear
- A christmassy dress
- Jeans and a Christmas Jumper

Hopefully you got the gist of this post! See you tomorrow!

Courtney Jayne X


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