Saturday, 1 December 2018



This is weird, it's a Saturday! I have decided that this year I will attempt Blogmas. 

Blogmas is something I have wanted to do for years now but have never committed to doing it but seeing as I have posted every week since I started up my blog again a couple of months ago, I thought I would challenge myself to give it a go! 

Now, today is day one, and I feel like this is kind of a cop out post but I thought I'd just explain what should be coming everyday up until Christmas so you know what you're getting from me. So hopefully the posts will get better than this!

1st - Explain why and what posts will be posted
2nd - Top 10 Christmas Songs
3rd - Things I love about Christmas 
4th - The Pound shop game
5th- Top 3 online shops for Christmas shopping
6th- Present ideas for mum
7th - Present ideas for dad
8th - Christmas Eve Traditions
9th - What to for Secret Santa
10th - My top 10 Christmas Films
11th - What advent calendars I have
12th - My Christmas Wishlist
13th - Christmas Tag 
14th - Christmas Jumpers - Yay or Nay?!
15th - Christmas swapbox with AlixKate
16th - Our Christmas Tree
17th - Christmas Party Make up
18th - Christmas Tree no2
19th - Panto review 
20th - Present ideas for Him
21st - What I do on Christmas Eve
22nd - What I eat on Christmas Day
23rd - Nativity review 
24th - Christmas Eve GRWM
25th - Merry Christmas!

See you tomorrow!

Courtney Jayne X


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