Sunday, 30 September 2018

Lets talk L'Oreal!


Today I am going to be discussing the L'Oreal Face masks. I currently have three of them, the Pure Clay Glow, Pure Clay Blemish and Smooth Sugar Scrub (this isn't classed as a face mask however I am still going to discuss it lol). I have been using all three of these for a few months now and I am not disappointed. Not only do they make your face feel so silky smooth after using them, they are also so easy to apply and then wash off. 

All three of these I got from Boots and the clays cost £7.99 each and the scrub cost £9.99. I feel this is a very reasonable cost for a face mask as you can get so many uses out the 50ml tub. 

Pure Clay Glow - The Glow mask is three clays combined as well as red algae extract. The three clays are, Koalin, which is a highly effective natural clay, Montmorillonits, this clay is high in minerals and is known to help eliminate imperfections. Ghassoul is the final clay, this is highly concentrated in minerals and this is known to help clarify complexion. This mask claims to make your skin softer, smoother, brighter and can give you a healthy glow, which I definitely agree with!

Pure Clay Blemish - This face mask helps to make your face feel clean and detoxified. The aim of the blemish face mask is to reach deep into your pores to unclog blackheads and get rid of any bacteria lingering on your face, this will help prevent breakouts. The clay mask also helps to replenish moisture to stop your skin from drying out, leaving you with a clear, smooth, healthy looking visage. 
Smooth Sugar Clear Kiwi Face and Lip Scrub - This scrub is a deep, yet gentle exfoliator, it helps to remove blackheads as it has ingredients including lemongrass and peppermint oils. There are three types of sugars in this scrub, white sugar which melts on your skins whilst removing dead skin cells, blonde sugar, this is a natural moisturiser and finally brown sugar which is rich in minerals, this helps strengthen the skin's barrier. After using the scrub my skin instantly felt so soft and clear. 
Overall I love using all of these and I am definitely going to get my hands on the other masks out there! 
Do you use any of these or can recommend any other face masks as I'd love to know what you use. 

Thanks for reading

Courtney Jayne X 


Sunday, 16 September 2018

My best buy this summer! Tiffany Sunglasses!!


I am a lover of some good sunglasses! Yes they protect your eyes from the beaming sun whilst you're on your holiday but they are also pretty stylish! 

Im not going to lie, I do like to buy sunglasses, I have mainly bought Ray Bans in the past, however this year I was on the hunt for something different. I went to Majorca earlier this year and I promised myself I would treat myself to something new, I spent agessss in duty free trying to find the right sunglasses but I just could not find the right ones - even though I wasn't 100% sure on what style of sunglasses I wanted. 

Then I went to another duty free area within the airport and spent a while looking then I saw the ones I went on to buy! They are quite big sunglasses in a dark brown shade with lighter brown turtle shell spots around the frame, then as I went to try them on I noticed the 'Tiffany Blue" of the inside of the sunglasses which I absolutely loved!! The arms of the sunglasses were different as well as they have two love heart locks with the 'Tiffany & Co' Stamp on them, I think this makes them look really classy but also pretty! 

Although they were fairly expensive I have definitely got my moneys' worth this summer where it's been so hot in England!! 

Courtney Jayne X

(I have had a look on the website but the ones I bought are no longer on there)  


Monday, 10 September 2018

Life's a Drag Review!


This summer I told myself I really wanted to try and experiment with bright colours on my eyes. I then saw the little gem of 'Life's a Drag' Eyeshadow Palette by Lunar Beauty being posted all over my Instagram, after seeing some of the posts with this palette being used I fell in love with the colours and decided I should buy it! 

I bought the Life's a Drag palette off Beauty Bay for £37. You can find it here:

Within this palette there is 14 shades, ranging from neutral browns to bright pink, blues, yellows, oranges!! Which is EXACTLY(!!) what I was looking for! Not only is there matte shades there are also two shimmery, glittery shades, one in a light pink and a browny, gold too. Both perfect for the majority of looks. 

I have already used the browns and yellows, which are usually my go to's as my eyes are blue and I find the browny/yellowy (not even words but you know what I mean!)  shades really bring the blue out. I am yet to try the blues and greens but I WILL find a time and place to fit these in. 

One of my favourite looks I've done using this palette is using the bright pink (Kai Kai) and lighter glittery pink (Beat), I wore a black and white

checked jumpsuit with this make up look so the bright pink eyes really stood out, which is exactly what I was planning on! Here's a couple of pictures of the look I created.

Do you have this palette? If you do whats your favourite shade? 

Courtney Jayne X

Sunday, 2 September 2018

I jumped out of a plane!!


So I did something a little bit different... Never did I think I would have the opportunity to Skydive as much I wanted to (although my brain was telling me not to!) I didn't think I'd do one for at least another 15 years!! However, I am very grateful I had the chance to experience such an amazing activity.

I didn't feel nervous or worried at all really, it wasn't until the plane flew up in the air with the door wide open that I actually began to feel a bit sick! Once you was up though I was going to chicken out of it.

My sister turned 16 this year and she wanted to do it as her birthday present, so she jumped first, followed by myself then our mum.. my dad on the other hand chickened out from the start!!

We done a Tandem Skydive meaning an instructor is on the back of you so he pushes you to the door and then you slide out. I'm surprised I didn't lose my voice the amount I screamed during the free fall! Once the parachute was up and you were calm and steady it was so peaceful! Flying about the sky looking at all the wonderful views. It was definitely the most exhilarating and fantastic experiences I have ever done.

My aim now is to try and Skydive in as many countries as I can. If you have the opportunity to skydive I would definitely recommend to.

CourtneyJayne x

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