Saturday, 15 December 2018

Christmas Swapbox with AlixKate! BLOGMASDAY15!


Soooo it has been a few days, whoops! I have been super busy and also feel as if I am getting the flu so haven't really had the energy to write some posts, I'm sorry!!

However, todays post is a exciting one!! Alix from AlixKate (here) and I decided to make up a little Christmas Swapbox for each other this as a bit of fun and something neither of us have done before. We agreed with the budget of £20 to spend on each other which I think is a good amount. 

Today I opened what I received from Alix, OMG was I excited or whatttttt! Here is a picture of the cute gifts I received. 

Firstly, lets talk about the travel mug, how wintery is this!! It's perfect for me to put my morning hot chocolate in for on the way to work, the print of the foxes is cute too.

I then opened a candle from Bloom Collection. To be honest I haven't actually had a candle from there before but Pink Peony and Cashmere scent is divine! Next I opened up the Carmex Lip balm, I mean who doesn't love Carmex??? Lip balm is something that is always at the bottom of my handbag incase I ever have chapped lips or have forgotten a lippy, it gives your lips a bit of a shine which is nice. 

I love to have baths, especially in the winter, next time I have a bath i'll be able to use the bath fizzer that Alix got me! It was a white fizzer with the letter C in the middle...cute!! Next up was the face mask, which will go perfectly with my bath! I always use face masks so it is nice to always have some spare in case I run out. I then opened a hand cream from Sanctuary, I always fine Sanctuary products so nice to use, I never really by myself hand creams either - which I probably should start doing!! This hand cream smells so nice and made my hands feel really soft. 

The last thing I opened I am probably the most excited about, I know that Alix loves Revolution Make up and to be honest I haven't actually ever tried make up from there! So when I opened this lipstick from there in the shade 'Fudge' I was super excited to try it out!!

Thank you so much for my gifts Alix it was so much fun trying to find you different bits that I thought you may like!! Go check out Alix's post about what gifts I got here this Christmas!


Monday, 10 December 2018

My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Films! BLOGMASDAY10!


Here are my Top 10 Christmas Films! Who doesn't love cosying up on the sofa during December watching a movie?!











What is your fave Christmas movie?



Sunday, 9 December 2018

Secret Santa Ideas! BLOGMASDAY9!


Secret Santa is so much fun but sometimes I find it so hard trying to find different people with different personalities a gift that they would like, therefore today I am going to be giving you some ideas as to what to get for your secret santa! 

This video is not sponsored but I always find such good gifts from Boots. They have all different price ranges which is great as there should be something for you person. 

Gifts under £10

Candle - A candle is always a good shout as who doesn't love candles?! Here is a candle I have found which is presented lovely. It is from Sanctuary Spa, it is currently £6 which I think is great! 

Lipstick set - Lipstick sets usually have different shades in them so at least one of the lipsticks would be up your secret santa's street! Here is a set from boots, by Sleek. Sleek is a great makeup brand anyway so you know the lipsticks are going to be good! This set is £4.50 so you can even get another gift too. 

Hot Chocolate mug - Who doesn't love a hot chocolate in the winter?? You could make this your self by buying a mug, a hot chocolate sachet and some mini marshmallows. Or you could get one thats already made up, here is one from Zoella's range which is £10. 

Bath Bomb set - I personally love receiving bath bombs as I use them a lot! You can get all kinds of sets which include bath bombs. Here is a set from Soap and Glory. This set is £10 but you get three bath bombs included. 

Gifts under £20

Make up gift set - There are different sets available but I have found one that I would like to receive so I think that always helps as I know if I would like it hopefully the person I was buying for too. Here is one by Ted Baker which is £20. It includes, a mascara, Liquid eyeliner pen, Trio Eyeshadow palette, Eyeshadow crayon in Rose Gold, Eyeshadow crayon in Brown and a Eyebrow Highlighter. I would definitely say this gift is worth £20. 

Travel set - The set I have chosen is from the Zoella range again (here), it is a set including a travel mug and a cute bobble hat! This set is £18, for a cosy, stylish hat and a cute travel mug this is something that can be used travelling to work or even at the weekend! 

Jack Wills Gift set - This Gift set is super cute, you get some warm mittens and a hand cream. This set is £15, I think this is great considering it is from Jack Wills. 

Gym Set - Here is a Superdry Gym Essentials set, this includes a body mist, body wash, body scrub, body lotion and a lip balm. The set is £20 and for the the amount of superdry products you get I think its worth the money! It's so handy just to chuck into your gym bag for after your gym session! 

I hope this helped you out if you get stuck what to get for your secret santa!



Saturday, 8 December 2018

Our Christmas Eve Traditions! BLOGMASDAY8!


I thought I'd give you all an insight of what my Christmas Eve's use to be like when I was younger compared to them now. 


So when I was younger every Christmas Eve myself and my sister would go to my dads work with him and spend the day there. We would track santa on Norad, then have McDonalds for lunch. My dad would always have a raffle so we would help give out the prices and then on the drive home we would listen to 'Driving home for Christmas' which always put us in a such a great christmas spirit! We would then spend the evening at a Pantomime and have go out for dinner. When we got home we would have a bath and whilst in there we would hear some bells and Santa would drop some christmas pyjamas for us by the front door for us to wear this night. In our new Christmassy pyjamas we would go to bed as excited little kids. 


Nowadays, I like to have a bit of a lay in on Christmas Eve! I don't actually tend to do much on throughout the day... I might go out for lunch then I will go to the pub with some friends in the evening till about midnight. It's always such a good atmosphere, everyones excited for the food on Christmas Day!!

What do you do on Christmas Eve? 


Friday, 7 December 2018

Present Ideas for Dad! BLOGMASDAY7


Following from yesterdays post, which you can find here, today I am going to be giving you some gift ideas for you dad or grandad or even uncle!


Does anyone else dad literally make holes in his slippers?! Mine does.. thats why new slippers is always a good shout as a gift. 

Here are some standard slippers, these ones are Navy faux fur lined slippers. I think these are the kind of slipper that any dad would wear and they are fairly well priced at £22. 

You can also get some more sturdy slippers which you can find here. These are Jasper Conran Navy Suede moccasin slippers. These slippers look so comfy. These are £40 but I can imagine the slippers lasting for ages as them being a better quality.

Personalised Glass

Getting your dad a personalised pint glass or mug is such a thoughtful idea. You can get these made on most online sites, I tend to normally use as I find it a reliable site. I'm pretty sure your dad or father figure would absolutely love this gift!


My dad loves a scarf in the winter! do some good scarfs. They do various colours and styles so you will most likely find a scarf perfect for your dad. 
I quite like scarfs like this (click here) I love the colours, the grey tones are appropriate for winter and I like the stripes. Also this scarf is only £15! I think this is a great price. 


I'm sure socks are a pretty standard present for your dad right? Whether they are from Tesco, Next, Topman.. socks are socks and your dad will always need them!

A Day Out

You could always plan a day out with you dad or even your whole family. Whether its for a walk along the beach or to play some crazy golf. You don't have to do anything too expensive as its the thought that counts!

Thanks for reading


Thursday, 6 December 2018

Present Ideas for Mum! BLOGMASDAY6!


Christmas is fast approaching so here I have a few ideas of gifts for you mum or even nan, sister or aunt! This year I have struggled immensely to think of different gifts for my family.. even as I am writing this I still haven't bought many presents!! 

Anywayyy! Gift ideas for mums;


Pyjamas is something my mum receives most christmas's, I think they are such a lovely gift as you can either get some cute fluffy ones from Primark or get some silky satin pyjamas from Boux Avenue for example. They are in anyones price range depending on the kind you prefer which great! 

Here are some pyjamas from New Look <--(link here). Where they are red tartan they are very christmassy which is fitting and they are only £12.99! Bargain if you ask me!

If you would like the pyjamas to be more of your main present to your mum, as I mentioned before, Boux Avenue have some comfy pyjamas. Here are some that I found. They are navy with white stars and are also satin which is cosy in bed! These pyjamas are £45 so a bit more pricey but definitely worth it as a treat for your mum!

Photo frame

Getting a photo frame for your mum and putting a picture of the two of you or all your family in is a thoughtful idea and I bet your mum would love this gift the most! The good thing about buying a photo frame is that it doesn't need to be mega expensive! Shops such as HomeSense always have cute frames in that are usually a great price so check it out!!


Gloves, everyone needs gloves for the winter months don't they? Why don't you treat your mum to some new ones? Here are a couple of different options for you. 
Marks and Spencers always seem to do such a good range of different gloves, you can find all kinds of colours and styles and they aren't overly expensive either! Winninggg

Knitted Pom-Pom Gloves (here) - These are currently only available in a caramel colour but it is still a beautiful colour for the autumn/winter. They are knitted so will keep your hands warm, and they also have 3 pom-poms on which adds something extra to them. These gloves are £15.

Leather Faux Fur Gloves (here) - These gloves are black leather gloves that have a thick band of faux fur on the wrist. These come in three shades, black, navy and grey. They are a bit more on the pricey side at £39.50 but they would definitely last and keep your hands warm and dry!

Meal for two

If you are really struggling for ideas, you could always pay for you and your mum or your mum and dad to go out for a meal after Christmas. I know my mum and dad don't go out for date nights very often so why not give them the chance to go out! You could even offer to be taxi for the night! 

I hope you found this post helpful! 


Wednesday, 5 December 2018

3 Online Shops for Christmas Shopping! BLOGMASDAY5


Welcome to day five of Blogmas! As you can see from the title today I am going to be telling you my main three online shops I use for my christmas shopping. 

The first online shop is 'Not on the high street'. This is such a good shop to find little bits and bobs for anyone, family or friends they literally have gifts available for everyone! Another reason why I use this shop and why I love it is because it has so many categories, theres gifts for him, her, parents, stocking and sack ideas, literally everything and some of the bits are so original and also you can personalise gifts such as glasses or make up bags which is a lovely touch to make your gift for someone more personal. I'd definitely recommend this shop so go check it out!

The next shop is Boots. Boots has such a variety of gifts that you could get anyone. From make up to perfume, socks to children toys. Last year I even bought my boyfriend some different ciders! They really do everything. Also they have deals such as 'buy 3 for 2' gift sets which work out really well, before you know it you have bought everyone in your family a gift already! Prices in boots are pretty good, depending on what you are looking at buying you can get gifts anywhere between £5+ which I think is really good. 

My final shop is ASOS. Like the other two shops you can definitely buy for varied people. I found ASOS has some more quirky ideas to gift people which is always fun! They sell games, mugs, books, christmas decorations. ASOS can range in price the same as boots, from about £5 upwards. You can find some lovely bits on here though so it is defo worth checking it out!

Let me know where you shop for your friends and family. 


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Pound Shop Game! BLOGMASDAY4


The pound shop game is something we done last year and I think will be a game we carry on for all the years to come. It is pretty self explanatory but basically you have to buy a present for everyone who wants to take part, for a pound. So if there is 10 of you, you will spend £10, £1 for every person. The present can be as strange, weird, funny as you like and it is fun trying to find something for each individual. 

How we done ours was we chose a present for each individual, everyone who joined in wrapped the presents in the same wrapping paper and had the same labels with the relevant persons name on so you don't actually know who bought you what present. This meant some of the things people were getting others was hilarious! My mum got two brooms and two dust pan and brushes and my boyfriend got two pies!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ See what I mean you can make it as funny as you like!

Not only is the game fun, but its also only £1 for each person which is extremely good if you are on a budget and you will also get ten presents at the end of it, which is also pretty good - depending on what presents you got. 

Do you have any fun games you play on Christmas Day?

Courtney Jayne X

Monday, 3 December 2018

My Christmas Top Threes! BLOGMASDAY3


Today I have some statements and I am going to answer them with my Top 3 answers. It's a pretty simple post but hopefully you will try to get to know me a little bit more and its a bit of fun, who doesn't love fun at Christmas ay!! 

πŸŽ„Top 3 foods at ChristmasπŸŽ…
- Brussels
- Lindt chocolate
- Crispy roast potatoes

πŸŽ…Top 3 'Christmassy' makeup looksπŸŽ„
- Natural eyes and a red lip
- Red eyes and a nude lip
- Natural eyes and nude lip

πŸŽ„Top 3 things to do on Christmas EveπŸŽ…
- Go to the pub with friends
- Spend the evening with family watching Christmas films and drinking hot chocolate
- Go out for a meal 

πŸŽ…Top 3 things to do on Boxing DayπŸŽ„
- Chill all day eating left over food 
- Spending it with family 
- Boxing Day sales!

πŸŽ„Top 3 outfits I would wear on Christmas DayπŸŽ…
- Comfy loungewear
- A christmassy dress
- Jeans and a Christmas Jumper

Hopefully you got the gist of this post! See you tomorrow!

Courtney Jayne X


Sunday, 2 December 2018

Top 10 Christmas Songs! BLOGMASDAY2


Day 2 of Blogmas is here and so am I! 

Today I am going to be telling you my Top 10 Christmas Songs! 


1) Fairytale of New York - Pogues 

2) Last Christmas - Wham

3) White Christmas - Bing Crosby

4) Do they know its Christmas? - Band Aid 

5) I wish it could be Christmas everyday - Chris Sievey

6) I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause - The Jackson 5

7) Merry Christmas Everybody - Shakin' Stevens

8) Baby it's cold outside - Dean Martin

9) Grandma got run over by a reindeer - Elmo & Patsy

10) Step into Christmas - Elton John

So there is my 10 favourite Christmas songs! These songs are what I have listened to every year growing up so I have countless memories singing along to them!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Courtney Jayne X

Saturday, 1 December 2018



This is weird, it's a Saturday! I have decided that this year I will attempt Blogmas. 

Blogmas is something I have wanted to do for years now but have never committed to doing it but seeing as I have posted every week since I started up my blog again a couple of months ago, I thought I would challenge myself to give it a go! 

Now, today is day one, and I feel like this is kind of a cop out post but I thought I'd just explain what should be coming everyday up until Christmas so you know what you're getting from me. So hopefully the posts will get better than this!

1st - Explain why and what posts will be posted
2nd - Top 10 Christmas Songs
3rd - Things I love about Christmas 
4th - The Pound shop game
5th- Top 3 online shops for Christmas shopping
6th- Present ideas for mum
7th - Present ideas for dad
8th - Christmas Eve Traditions
9th - What to for Secret Santa
10th - My top 10 Christmas Films
11th - What advent calendars I have
12th - My Christmas Wishlist
13th - Christmas Tag 
14th - Christmas Jumpers - Yay or Nay?!
15th - Christmas swapbox with AlixKate
16th - Our Christmas Tree
17th - Christmas Party Make up
18th - Christmas Tree no2
19th - Panto review 
20th - Present ideas for Him
21st - What I do on Christmas Eve
22nd - What I eat on Christmas Day
23rd - Nativity review 
24th - Christmas Eve GRWM
25th - Merry Christmas!

See you tomorrow!

Courtney Jayne X


Sunday, 18 November 2018

Hip update


So it has been just over 8 weeks since I had a hip operation, you can find out more about that here. I thought today I'd just give an update on how it has gone and how I am recovering. 

My hip is a lot better, I no longer need crutches and have had a physio to make my legs stronger again, being a sporty girl I have definitely noticed muscle loss from my legs, the struggle of lifting my right leg up now is reallll... luckily it's one of the exercises my physio gave me to do to strengthen my legs. I can drive and I am back at work which is good. 

This last week I have been able to start jogging on the treadmill and able to do lunges and squat walks. I can pretty much do most things no without pain, bending down and over still is slightly sore but I think it just needs to fully heal so that should come soon, 

Now...badminton. As some of may have read from my hobby post, my main hobby is Badminton and I play competitively. Not being able to play has been extremely hard and I miss playing immensely, I think without realising it I use badminton to destress, I have definitely struggled not playing. I am hoping I can be back playing by December but I'm not sure if I'm pushing it there! 

Hopefully when I start to run properly again I won't have any issues and the operation will have been a success! 

Thanks for reading


Sunday, 11 November 2018

My Travel Bucket list!


Now, where should I start with my Travel bucket list?! Today I will give you my top 10 places I would love to visit. 

1) New York 
I have been wanting to visit NYC for years and years now but still haven't had the chance. I'd love to see the Empire State Building and have dinner in a fancy restaurant looking at the statue. If I got the chance to go to New York I would try to go to Watkins Glen, it's like a waterfall, its so pretty. Also the amount of restaurants and food places I have on my notes on my phone where I would love to try is crazy!

2) Australia 
Isn't Australia on everyones bucket list?! As much as I love to spend some in Australia I feel like the animals out there would scare the #&^% out of me!! I would love to see the Great Barrier Reef as well as go to Whitsunday Island. The pictures look soo beautiful, with perfectly blue seas and soft sand! Definitely somewhere I would love to visit. 

3) Maldives 
The Maldives looks such a relaxing place, with no one around just the sounds of sea and gentle winds. When I got with my boyfriend a couple of years ago he promised he would take me here for my 30th birthday... only 10 years to get saving babes!! 

4) Virgin Islands 
Trunk bay is in the Virgin Islands, the beach looks stunning and I can definitely see myself sunbathing on this beach all day. 

5) Hawaii 
Na Pali Coast Waterfall in Hawaii looks so amazing, Like all of these places I'd love to go, mainly for the memories and to say I visited there and seen in real life how amazing it was.

6) Iceland
Iceland has been on my list of places to go for a couple of years now also, I'd love to do the Blue Lagoon as it looks so much fun. Another place out there is the waterfall of gods, google this right now and tell me that doesn't look unbelievable!!! I would dream to visit somewhere like this. 

7) Thailand 
Krabi Island in Thailand looks so colourful! With the lovely blue sea to the white sand and then bright green trees in the sea. The water looks so clear and beautiful. 

8) Greece
Mykonos is also another place that has been on my list for a while now too, a few people on my Instagram have posted pictures from here and they look as if they were taken professionally! Melissani Cave is also in Greece, this place looks insane!!

9) Phillipines 
Corn Island and Kawasan Falls Cebu both look crazy!! Again the sea looks so blue and clear. I'd love to get a little boat and paddle around taking in the amazing views. 

10) Hidden beach Marieta Islands Mexico
This hidden beach in Mexico looks unreal!! The beach is covered by cave then it just a like a opening over the top! Great describing!! Check out this place if you haven't as its defo one to put on your bucket list!

Are any of these places on your bucket list? Let me know!

Courtney Jayne X


Sunday, 4 November 2018

A to Z about me!


I thought it would todays post is a fun way for you to get to know me a bit better! I am going to be describing myself and telling you the things I love going through the alphabet! 

A - Active 
B - Badminton
C - Cocktails🍹
D - DancingπŸ‘―
E - Easy going
F - Fiat 500⛭πŸš—
G - Generous
H - HolidaysπŸŒ…
I - Iphone
J - Jumpy
K - Kind
L - Loving
M - Make upπŸ’‹
N - Nars
O - Organised?? (kind of!!)
P - PizzaπŸ•
Q - Quick 
R - Relatives + familyπŸ‘«πŸ‘­
S - Sister
T - Tea
U - Understanding
W - Winter⛄
X - Excitable 
Y - Youthful
Z - Zzz - sleepy

I hope this helps you to get to know my slightly better!

Courtney Jayne X


Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Autumn Tag (2)


I have recently done the Autumn Tag however I was tagged by the beautiful Alix Kate (<--make sure to check her blog out!) to do this one. The questions are  different to my previous Autumn Tag so I've decided to this one too as a extra post! 
Lets get started...

1) What is one candle you MUST light every Autumn?
To be honest I don't use candles as I live with my parents, however I love spiced scents and cinnamon. Cinnamon also reminds me of Christmas so thats always nice too! 
2) When you think of Autumn, what does it remind you of?
Autumn reminds me of thick jumpers! I live in jumpers throughout the winter, they are just so cosy and warm! Autumn also reminds me of dark nail varnish, I love transitioning from bright pinks and corals to the dark purples, navies and blacks. 

3) What is your all-time favourite Autumn/Halloween movie?
I can pretty much guarantee I will watch Insidious every year so this is probably my favourite Halloween film. I have started watching The Haunting of the Hill House on Netflix, I defo recommend watching this series if you like scary/jumping Halloween films. 
4) What Halloween costume do you have in mind?
This year I think I will either go as a devil or I have a black dress with cobwebs and spiders on that I could also wear. I haven't fully decided yet!! 
5) What is your favourite Autumn trend?
This year the jumpers seem to be really chunky which I am loving, also as much as I love the standard blacks, mustards, greys, I've seen a lot of brighter jumpers this year which seem fun. 

6) When you think of Autumn, what drink comes to mind?
Surely everyone thinks of a big hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows??? This is my favourite drink for this time of year for sure! Although I have seen that Costa and Starbucks have released their winter drinks so I will have to check those out!
7) What is your go-to fall beauty product?
I love to go for a berry lip, I have a couple of Kiko lipsticks which are lovely colours for autumn, this year I also I have been loving the browns and oranges on my eyes, this also brings my blue eyes out which is fab. 
8) Do you prefer apple or pumpkin pie?
Out of these I'd choose apple pie, however my fave pie is a cherry pie! 

9) Do you have any Autumn traditions?
I wouldn't say we do have any traditions really. We will put a pumpkin out and when I was younger we would go round to our families houses in costumes but as I've got older we haven't done as much. 
10) Is Autumn your favourite season?
Honestly, I can't say it is. I love Summer and Christmas would be close second! 

I nominate to do this tag is;
Yasmin (Vogue Mode Blog)
Jess (Coffee & Corfu)
Kim (The Adventure To Me)
Jess (Jessxclare)

Thanks for reading

Courtney Jayne X

Sunday, 21 October 2018

My Favourite Hobby!


Do you play any sports? How do you like to keep fit? 

A main hobby of mine, is to play badminton. When I say hobby, what I really mean is that I play within four leagues in Essex and play at least three times a week and that's not including matches, some weeks I can play every day.
Badminton is something I started at about 11 years old, when I was leaving primary school, my dad went to a local club and suggested I tried it out as I was a sporty kid anyway - every night of the week I was doing a different activity, from netball, dancing, swimming and hockey! When I started Secondary School I soon realised badminton is one of the sports you have to do during your PE lessons, it was one of those lessons that everyone got bored because it was the same game of 'round the clock' every time! 

By the time I went into Year 9 I could beat half the PE teachers if they wanted to have a game, I loved this as I trained a few nights a week and the hard work was paying off! All through my school years I would play in tournaments at the weekend, travelling over the country to wherever was hosting that week! When I got to year 10 I was asked to play county badminton, this would mean representing Essex, I played county for a few years and then I started working weekends so struggled to get time off to play. 

I am still playing at the club I started at when I was 11, I am the treasurer of the club now and I love being fully involved and on the committee getting my ideas and opinions across. Not only this I am also qualified as a Level 1 Badminton Coach and am soon to be starting my Level 2 qualification. The sense of achievement when you have a little 6 year old who's never held a racket before that can now hit the shuttle to the back of the court is amazing!

If you read my previous post (here) you would know I recently had surgery on my hip, this means I have already been out for four weeks not able to play badminton and have been told I am likely to be off for another three months. Not being able to play badminton was one of the main reasons I didn't want to have surgery done but thinking about the future its the best thing to have done. Although I am starting to go crazy as I can't play, I did have a stand on the court last night and a couple of hits which is so good when you miss something so much! 

Whats your main hobby? Have you had to have time out of it due to injury?

Courtney Jayne X

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Having Hip Surgery (Hip Arthroscopy )


Just over three weeks ago I had surgery on my hip as I had been in incredible amounts of pain since September 2017. It all started after I went to Ibiza last September. Like anyone I had put on a few pounds on holiday from eating and drinking out every night, which is normal, I wanted to get into running as a bit of extra exercise and to get me get fit for the Badminton season. So I was running 5km and then playing badminton matches straight after, which thinking about it now, it was probably over doing it but at the time it felt good! 

Soon after I started running my right hip would be sore when I walked and then it started to need to be clicked back into place by pushing my leg up, out and round. This ended up being a weekly to daily thing and by this point I was in so much I couldn't walk, sleep or play badminton without being in pain. By December it got to the point where I needed to have it checked out as I couldn't go on living normally and playing badminton in the pain I was in.

I saw a consultant who explained what he thought it could be and a couple of ways to try and fix it. Firstly I needed all kinds of x-rays, MRIs etc. After this, in April the consultant advised me to have a cortisone injection to see if that relieved the pain. It didn't. About a month after that he suggested I tried a course of physio treatment. This didn't work either. Then I went back to the consultant at the beginning of August, this is when he suggested having surgery, the surgery being a Hip Arthroscopy. I wasn't keen on having it done as I am quite young, he was also reluctant to do the surgery but as he had tried several ways beforehand to try and sort it and it didn't, this was the only option left. After speaking to my parents we agreed it would be for the best to have the surgery to stop me from having trouble in the future. 

I booked in to have the surgery on the 20th September 2018 as this was the next date suitable for me and the consultant, that day sure came around quick! On the day my mum, boyfriend and myself had to get at the hospital for 8am and then I didn't have my surgery until about 1pm. I was under general anaesthetic which was great as I didn't feel a thing. When I woke up I was in absolute agony so the nurses were giving me morphine to help the pain. The consultant came to see me at the end of the day and explained what he had done to my hip, he ended up doing more than we what we originally thought. He repaired tears in the cartilage, moved the muscle to stop it from pinching and shaved down the bone. For a young girl I had done it good and proper!! We left the hospital the same day about 9pm when I felt a bit better in myself although still in a lot of pain! 

The recovery time was the part I was dreading the most as I was told I would need at least two weeks on crutches, fours weeks until I could drive, six weeks until I could go back to work and then FOUR!!!!  months until I could go back to badminton. Four months takes us to January which is half way through the badminton season which is killing me as it's my biggest passion and I play pretty much every day of the week - well not at the moment! 

As I said at the beginning I am now three weeks post op and I am in a lot less pain and starting to move around a lot better with one crutch, I have been doing the exercises and cycling as I was advised when I left the hospital. The pain the first week after I had it done was horrendous, I'm not allowed to separate my knees for the first six weeks after the operation so getting into bed and into the bath have been a mission, I think I'm going to have great abs after this!! I also haven't slept well since having it done but I'm hoping now I'm a bit more mobile and in less pain, sleeping will become better again. I have my first post op physio appointment this week so hopefully they will help me get back on both my feet asap and back to playing badminton pain free!

Thanks for reading!

Courtney Jayne X


Sunday, 7 October 2018

The Autumn Tag!

Seeing as the cosy, time of year has come around, I thought it would be a good idea to answer the questions of the Autumn Tag. I haven't done a post like this before so it is something different on my website, but its good to mix things up occasionally, right?! 
(Before I start, this is just a quick disclaimer that I did not make this tag, I got it off the 'weheartit' website - I liked the looks of this tag so thought why not!) 
Lets go!
Which one thing tells you that the fall season has begun? When all the leaves start to fall and turn brown, red and orangeπŸπŸ‚
What three things you love about the season? I love putting on comfy jumpers, a nice cosy coat and orange eyes & dark lips. 
Silent nights or windy ones? What do you love more about the falls? Silent nights for sure! I don't want to be woken up by the wind!πŸ’¨
Do you ever go for the hiking in autumn? If yes, how was the experience? No, I don't think I have been hiking in the autumn. I think I'd moan I am cold the whole time!!
Cold rain or heavy fog. What do you enjoy more? Probably heavy fog, once you're wet you will get cold and then its hard to warm up sooo probably fog!
What is your favourite scent for the fall season? I like the sweet cinnamon smell (I'm not sure if that counts as a 'fall' scent but it reminds me of autumn/winter time!) 
Have you ever gone for apple picking? Hmm, not that I can remember, but I may have done as a child!🍎🍏
Fall day or fall night. Which one looks more beautiful to you? Fall night, in England the daytime is usually pretty dull but in the evening we may get beautiful coloured skies.
What is your favourite autumn movie? Christmas movies count in Fall time don't they?!?!
What is the best way to enjoy the rain of fall season? For me, I'd be wrapped up on the sofa in a couple of blankets, watching movies whilst drink a massive hot chocolate, watching the rain fall on the windows! 
Wool or knit sweaters? What do you like to wear in the fall season? I prefer knitted jumpers
What is your favourite fall colour?  Orange for sure! I love a orangey, gold eye in the Autumn!
Do you believe that autumn fall season should be the wedding season? I personally wouldn't say so
Fairy lights or candles? What is your choice in the falls? Candles 
What are your most likes drink in the fall season? Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!πŸ™Š
Have you ever tried pumpkin carving? If yes, so how was the experience? Yes, to be honest, art isn't a particularly strong point of mine, but I think they turned out well!
Apple pie or Pumpkin Pie. What’s your favourite? Apple Pie out of these however cherry pie and custard is a winner for me!! πŸ’
Which fashion trend you often prefer in the fall season? I love a scarf as an accessory in the Autumn 
Do you like baking in the autumn season? I'm not going to lie, I am a really bad cook!! 
October or November? What’s your favorite month in the autumns? OctoberπŸ‘»πŸŽƒ
Which song you often sing in the autumn? Who remembers them harvest songs from school?? They defo always pop into my mind during the autumn. 
How much do you love to enjoy the fire in the fall season? I don't have a fire in my home, I reckon it would be pretty cosy though if i did!
Do you enjoy feeling the cold air, or do you wrap up warm? Definitely not!! I hate the cold and have to wrap up warm.
Do you have any specific traditions to celebrate the fall season? I wouldn't say theres anything specifically really, other than watching 'I'm a celebrity' in November!
In the falls, do you love traveling or enjoying the season at home? I'm happy to stay at home, however I wouldn't turn a trip down!
What is your favourite food in the fall season? I love a good Roast in Autumn time!
Are you more energetic during the autumn season, or more laid back? I'd say I am more laid back during Autumn, to get ready for Christmas!!πŸŽ„
What do you feel at the end of fall season? By the time Autumn comes to an end I am looking forwards to Christmas and the New year!
Share your favourite quote related to the autumn. 'Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year'🍁

I'd love to see your answers to these questions, if you do this tag them please tag my social media so I can give your answers a read!!

Thank you all for reading

Courtney Jayne X

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

September Faves!


So I've decided I'm going to try to put up a monthly favourites on the first of every month (yes I know, it's the second, I missed the first!πŸ™ˆ Not a great start..but we have a post so it's ok right?!) I only have a few faves this month so lets get started!

My first favourite of the month is some new trainers, I bought the FILA White Disruptor ii Premium trainers, I got mine from Schuh they are £80 but I used a student discount code and got them for £70 - bonus!. I have been after some chunky trainers for a while now so when I saw them, I went for it as I am hoping it will jazz up my style for the winter! Obviously these shoes aren't everyones cup of tea, however I think they're a bit edgy and cool.

My next favourite of the month is the Pantene Masque Repair & Protect For Weak And Damaged Hair . I have long hair and I love to keep it healthy and in a good condition. After using this mask every few times when I wash my hair I have noticed a difference with how soft, healthy and shiny it is. I would definitely recommend this mask if you want to give your hair a bit of love and care during your hair care routine! This product was £4.49 from boots. 

My last fave of this month is some sunglasses I got when I was in Ibiza, I stupidly forgot to wear sunglasses the day we went to Ocean Beach so whilst in there I looked in the little shop and was obsesssssed with so many of the glasses in there so I bought some! Unfortunately I can't find a link of the sunglasses I got, when I was out there Ocean Beach was like sponsored by In the Style but I can't seem to find the glasses on their website either. :( I think they were about $20 but I can't remember for sure. I have to admit these sunglasses are more of a fashion item rather that to protect your eyes lol. Never the less, they stayed on my face all day and I wore them plenty of times for the rest of the holiday!

What have your September favourites been this year?

Courtney Jayne X 


Sunday, 30 September 2018

Lets talk L'Oreal!


Today I am going to be discussing the L'Oreal Face masks. I currently have three of them, the Pure Clay Glow, Pure Clay Blemish and Smooth Sugar Scrub (this isn't classed as a face mask however I am still going to discuss it lol). I have been using all three of these for a few months now and I am not disappointed. Not only do they make your face feel so silky smooth after using them, they are also so easy to apply and then wash off. 

All three of these I got from Boots and the clays cost £7.99 each and the scrub cost £9.99. I feel this is a very reasonable cost for a face mask as you can get so many uses out the 50ml tub. 

Pure Clay Glow - The Glow mask is three clays combined as well as red algae extract. The three clays are, Koalin, which is a highly effective natural clay, Montmorillonits, this clay is high in minerals and is known to help eliminate imperfections. Ghassoul is the final clay, this is highly concentrated in minerals and this is known to help clarify complexion. This mask claims to make your skin softer, smoother, brighter and can give you a healthy glow, which I definitely agree with!

Pure Clay Blemish - This face mask helps to make your face feel clean and detoxified. The aim of the blemish face mask is to reach deep into your pores to unclog blackheads and get rid of any bacteria lingering on your face, this will help prevent breakouts. The clay mask also helps to replenish moisture to stop your skin from drying out, leaving you with a clear, smooth, healthy looking visage. 
Smooth Sugar Clear Kiwi Face and Lip Scrub - This scrub is a deep, yet gentle exfoliator, it helps to remove blackheads as it has ingredients including lemongrass and peppermint oils. There are three types of sugars in this scrub, white sugar which melts on your skins whilst removing dead skin cells, blonde sugar, this is a natural moisturiser and finally brown sugar which is rich in minerals, this helps strengthen the skin's barrier. After using the scrub my skin instantly felt so soft and clear. 
Overall I love using all of these and I am definitely going to get my hands on the other masks out there! 
Do you use any of these or can recommend any other face masks as I'd love to know what you use. 

Thanks for reading

Courtney Jayne X 


Sunday, 16 September 2018

My best buy this summer! Tiffany Sunglasses!!


I am a lover of some good sunglasses! Yes they protect your eyes from the beaming sun whilst you're on your holiday but they are also pretty stylish! 

Im not going to lie, I do like to buy sunglasses, I have mainly bought Ray Bans in the past, however this year I was on the hunt for something different. I went to Majorca earlier this year and I promised myself I would treat myself to something new, I spent agessss in duty free trying to find the right sunglasses but I just could not find the right ones - even though I wasn't 100% sure on what style of sunglasses I wanted. 

Then I went to another duty free area within the airport and spent a while looking then I saw the ones I went on to buy! They are quite big sunglasses in a dark brown shade with lighter brown turtle shell spots around the frame, then as I went to try them on I noticed the 'Tiffany Blue" of the inside of the sunglasses which I absolutely loved!! The arms of the sunglasses were different as well as they have two love heart locks with the 'Tiffany & Co' Stamp on them, I think this makes them look really classy but also pretty! 

Although they were fairly expensive I have definitely got my moneys' worth this summer where it's been so hot in England!! 

Courtney Jayne X

(I have had a look on the website but the ones I bought are no longer on there)  


Monday, 10 September 2018

Life's a Drag Review!


This summer I told myself I really wanted to try and experiment with bright colours on my eyes. I then saw the little gem of 'Life's a Drag' Eyeshadow Palette by Lunar Beauty being posted all over my Instagram, after seeing some of the posts with this palette being used I fell in love with the colours and decided I should buy it! 

I bought the Life's a Drag palette off Beauty Bay for £37. You can find it here:

Within this palette there is 14 shades, ranging from neutral browns to bright pink, blues, yellows, oranges!! Which is EXACTLY(!!) what I was looking for! Not only is there matte shades there are also two shimmery, glittery shades, one in a light pink and a browny, gold too. Both perfect for the majority of looks. 

I have already used the browns and yellows, which are usually my go to's as my eyes are blue and I find the browny/yellowy (not even words but you know what I mean!)  shades really bring the blue out. I am yet to try the blues and greens but I WILL find a time and place to fit these in. 

One of my favourite looks I've done using this palette is using the bright pink (Kai Kai) and lighter glittery pink (Beat), I wore a black and white

checked jumpsuit with this make up look so the bright pink eyes really stood out, which is exactly what I was planning on! Here's a couple of pictures of the look I created.

Do you have this palette? If you do whats your favourite shade? 

Courtney Jayne X

Sunday, 2 September 2018

I jumped out of a plane!!


So I did something a little bit different... Never did I think I would have the opportunity to Skydive as much I wanted to (although my brain was telling me not to!) I didn't think I'd do one for at least another 15 years!! However, I am very grateful I had the chance to experience such an amazing activity.

I didn't feel nervous or worried at all really, it wasn't until the plane flew up in the air with the door wide open that I actually began to feel a bit sick! Once you was up though I was going to chicken out of it.

My sister turned 16 this year and she wanted to do it as her birthday present, so she jumped first, followed by myself then our mum.. my dad on the other hand chickened out from the start!!

We done a Tandem Skydive meaning an instructor is on the back of you so he pushes you to the door and then you slide out. I'm surprised I didn't lose my voice the amount I screamed during the free fall! Once the parachute was up and you were calm and steady it was so peaceful! Flying about the sky looking at all the wonderful views. It was definitely the most exhilarating and fantastic experiences I have ever done.

My aim now is to try and Skydive in as many countries as I can. If you have the opportunity to skydive I would definitely recommend to.

CourtneyJayne x

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