Monday, 18 December 2017

Trip to London


Well it's a now only a week till Christmas, that's come round so fast! 

On Sunday, my mum and dad took my sister and I up London for the day, we started off our day walking round Leicester Square, popping into M&M World as that's standard when you go up London, isn't it? Then we went to try and the find the Baileys pop up shop, which was near Covent Garden. Once we found the shop and queued for a while we went in, I couldn't decide what to have, there were so many options; Bailey's Latte, Bailey's Hot Chocolate, Bailey's Chocolate Hot Chocolate or a Bailey's Reindeer. 

I decided to the Bailey's Hot Chocolate, you got to choose toppings to go on it too, on mine I had; a salted caramel macaroon, m&ms and crushed honeycomb. YUM! Where is was alcohol you had to show ID before ordering a drink, unfortunately my sister is 15 so she wasn't allowed to get one. She ate the heads of my mums chocolate reindeer though! 

We walked down Regent Street for a bit before going for dinner, mum and dad had booked for us to go Planet Hollywood for dinner, my sister and I shared a pizza as we weren't very hungry, obviously there was space for dessert though! I had a Key Lime Pie which was very yummy and my sister had a milkshake - a pretty big one at that! When it arrived I called from the start she wouldn't be able to drink it all, could she? Nope! Me however, I smashed mine!😋

After dinner we walked more down Regent Street and ended up at the Palladium Theatre. There's a Pantomime going on there over Christmas, this year its Dick Whittington. You can imagine how many puns there were in the show can't you! The show was amazing and very very funny! I would definitely recommend seeing it if you can!

I had such a lovely time even though it poured down the majority of the day! 

Courtney Jayne x

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