Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Stocking Fillers for Girls


Christmas is getting closer.. Only 12 days to go!🎄 Today I am going to be giving you 12 stocking filler suggestions. Here we go!

1) Earrings, you can't go wrong with a cute pair of earrings! 💎

2) A bath bomb - everyone loves to have a bath in the winter, what a perfect way to end your Christmas day with a nice, cosy, hot bath with a beautiful smelling bath bomb!

3) A diary - A diary for the new year to keep you organised!📆

4) A candle or diffuser, to keep your bedroom smelling like a girly boutique!

5) Nail Varnish - A nail varnish is always a good stocking filler! 💅

6) Lip Balm, these always comes in useful to stop my lips getting dry in the winter!

7) Pens - doesn't everyone get a pen in their stocking?! 📝

8) Kurby grips (Bobby pins), These should be a must as a stocking filler because however many you buy they ALWAYS seem to go missing!! Girls am I right??

9) Chocolate Coins - It isn't Christmas without some Golden Chocolate Coins in your stocking is it?💰

10) Face Mask, these are easy to buy and something small to fit into a stocking - perfect!

11) Cake in a mug mix - this is something different but fun! Also, who doesn't love cake?🍰

12) Phone case, A new phone case to start your new year, they don't have to be expensive, Ebay do great phone cases that are fairly cheap!

What do you get in your stocking? 

Thanks for reading

Courtney Jayne x

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