Sunday, 15 March 2015

Blog Fail and about Sixth Form...


Well this blog has been a total fail so far! However, I am going to try and change this...

I would try and blame it on me being at college but to be honest, thats a bit of a lie and in reality I'm just lazy! I do go to college but I only took two subjects so I don't really spend that much time there. I'm only in for a few hours each day so really theres no excuse why i can't upload blog posts a couple of days a week. 

I think the main thing I struggle with when trying to write a blog post is what to write about! I really want to keep up with writing posts but I can never think of anything to say! So if you have any ideas please comment below! That would be a great help and hopefully get writing more!

Seeing as I tried blaming me not blogging on college I thought I would just write a quick post on what I study at college!

So I go to a to a Sixth Form which is part of my old Secondary School, its a 10-15 minute walk from my house so its perfect. As I said I only study two subjects, this is because my first subject is BTEC Sport and Exercise Science. How the timetable works at my school is that a BTEC is equivalent to 3 A-levels, this meant if I wanted I could take 1 A-level and with the BTEC or not. I chose to take A-level Psychology and luckily I was able to study it because it was in a different block to the Sport. 

There are lots of other colleges where I live but I chose Sixth Form because I thought I would feel more comfortable knowing the School/Sixth form and teachers already. I was right!  A lot of people who go to my Sixth Form say now that they wish they hadn't gone there because its too much like the school.

However for me, although most of my friends from School went to other colleges and I miss not seeing them everyday, I'm glad I went with where I wanted to go and feel comfortable rather than with my friends and feel uncomfortable. 

If you would like to know anything else about Sixth Forms/Colleges leave a comment and I will try and give my best advice!

Also if you're in School or College, leave in the comments what you like about your School or College!

Thank you for reading!

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