Saturday, 30 August 2014

Summer Outfits!


So it is coming up to the end of the Summer Holidays, this means I will be starting my first year of college soon and am finishing the longest Summer holiday I will probably ever experience! (Over 2 months long!!) 

I went away to Mexico this Summer and I thought i would show you some of the outfits I wore of a night, I am aware that it's a bit silly me doing it now Summer is nearly over but oh we'll! It might give you some ideas if you are going away next year!

So here we go...

Outfit 1:

This is a jumpsuit from Quiz, I wore this for my leavers day a couple of months ago when I left school, it's so comfy and you can dress it up (with some heals and chunky jewellery) or down (with a leather jacket and some flat shoes) depending on where you are going.
I'm not sure where the flip flops I am wearing are from as they are my sisters but they are just brown flip flops with a gold plait across the foot.

Outfit 2:
This is a lovely turquoise/teal coloured dress from New Look, I absolutely love this dress. It doesn't really have a any shape, it just goes straight down. It has a sort of swirly pattern printed all over it giving it a really nice effect. 
With this dress I wore clear glittery jellies (from Office) with white frilly socks. 
I also tied my hair into a high ponytail and clipped a medium sized white diamanté bow in the front to finish off the look.

Outfit 3:
This is a really easy outfit just to throw on but still quite nice and going outy! I'm just wearing black disco pants and a cream flower detailed croptop from new look.
I am wearing healed black jellies from Office. 

Outfit 4:
 Before I talk about my outfit, excuse the silly hand pose! It's just a pose I did whilst on holiday! I have no idea why!! Anywayyyyy....The top in this outfit is the same as the cream one but in orange, this is also from New Look. The shorts are from H&M, they have a beautiful floral pattern on the front. Where these shorts are white they look so nice with a tan!!
I'm not wearing any shoes in this picture but I either wore white high top converse or white diamant√© flip flops. 

I hope you liked reading about what I wore this Summer, apologies for it being at the end of Summer!

I am hoping to show you a couple of Autumn outfits soon, so look out for my next fashion post! 

Thank you for reading, comment what sort of clothes you have liked wearing this summer or what clothes you are looking forward to wearing in Autumn/Winter time! 



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