Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Prom 2014


So I left school this year, and at the end of the school year my school holds an annual prom for the leavers. There is a system you have to do to be able to get an invite to prom, these are prom points! There are lots of things you have to do to get points but it is much easier to lose them! For example, to gain a point you would need to go to a revision session, to lose a point, it could be as easy as not going to form (form is the same as registration)  in the morning or afternoon or getting a detention. 

Anyway! I managed to get enough points to go, so as soon as I knew I went dress looking straight away! I only went to two shops and found the dress I loved in the second shop. I had been scrolling through the internet and found a dress that I had fallen inlove with from a shop in Brentwood - which luckily isn't that far from where I live! So one Saturday in February I finally persuaded my mum to take me to the shop to try on this dress that I absolutely loved! We got to the shop and I tried on the dress, it was so gorgeous but I knew by my mums face that it didn't look as nice on as what it did off! I looked in the mirror and I was so disappointed! It just didn't look right on me, like it had a padded bra fitted but my boobs were no where near as big as these pads! It looked ridiculous on me. Unfortunately the dress I loved really didn't love me! 

After the massive whohar in the other shop my mum took me to Bluewater in Kent. After the morning I had, I wasn't really looking to buy a dress there but I went into a shop called Oriental Pearle, I tried a couple of dresses on. I really liked the style of one but the colour of another. We spoke to the lady who worked there and she said I could get the dress I wanted in the colour I wanted made, it would be made in America and take about 6 months. Sooo, that's what I done! I didn't actually get to see the finished product until about a month before prom but oh my god! I loved it! I have never felt so elegant and ladylike in my whole entire life!! The dress wasn't the style I originally wanted but now I couldn't think of a better dress! (Mums are always right!!) 

On the day of the prom, I had my hair and makeup done! They both looked stunning! 

Here are some pictures...
This was my hair at the back 
This is what it looked like from the top haha!
This was my eye makeup, it was a natural smokey eye look, I know the lady who done my makeup used MAC  eyeshadow but I'm not sure what shades, I'm really sorry if you wanted to know! 
Here is a another picture of the makeup I wore but a better picture if you want to see what it looked like on my face properly! I know the lady used the MAC face and body foundation in N1 and the lipstick I wore was just a purple from Avon. I'm really sorry I don't know what shade she used on my eyes! 
I was so lucky! My nan and grandad bought me a corsage which was absolutely stunning! It went with my dress so perfectly! My bag was from a little stall in the middle of my local shopping centre, this also went really well with my dress because the dimont├ęs matched the ones on my dress! 

This was my dress, you can't really see the colour very well in any of the pictures, it was an Aubergine colour. It sounds horrific but it was actually stunning! As you can see my friends and I travelled on a vintage, red double decker bus! I'm so greatful to my mum who paid out for flowers and the little sign at the top of the bus, it totally finished it off and made it look original and amazing! 

I enjoyed prom so much! I danced my feet off all night! Then had the most amazing time at after party! If any of you have second thoughts about going to your prom... Go! It will probably be the best night of your lives! You probably won't see half the people you spent your last five years with so enjoy the evening with them because you will probably regret not going! 

Did you have a prom or end of year party? What colour dress did you wear? 



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