Friday, 20 June 2014

My nail vanish love!...


Every time I go shopping I always seem to find myself going into Superdrug or Boots looking at the BarryM nail polishes! Over the last year or so BarryM nail polishes have become my slightly unhealthy obsession!! 

Here are the polishes that I wear most often. I am missing a dark pink one which is called 'pomagramet' but from right to left these are called 'bright red', 'carousel', 'blueberry', 'almond', the next one was another limited edition one but it don't have name of it on the bottom and the final nail Polish is called 'black multi glitter'. 

I love the 'blueberry' and 'carousel' so much! I think they are a great colour for summer! 
This colour is so lovely! It's the colour of the sky in the summer! I will definitely be wearing this a lot this summer!! Also it is part of the 'Gelly' selection so it's great for if you are going on holiday and worried your polish will come off if you keep going in the pool etc. Also I find the 'Gelly' polishes stay on for a reasonably long time and don't get chipped as easily as normal ones. 
I brought these three yesterday, I have already mentioned about the 'blueberry' one. The middle nail polish is called 'carousel' it's limited edition and a bright orange/coral colour. This is great for summer as well because it is so bright! The other polish is really good for if you are at school or you don't want a bright colour. It's quite pale but you can still notice it! This is also a 'Gelly' polish, so this is perfect for a nude sort of nail!

This is 'bright red' it is a lovely bright colour and great to wear at Christmas! 

These two are so cute! The pink polish was a limited edition one, I think it's really cute to wear on just one nail with the others painted a light pink. The black is one that I wear at Christmas because it's got glitter in it. If you want a black polish but don't want it to be a matte or want it to be a bit more girly then this is definitely the one!!

Thank you for reading! Let me know what colours or nail polishes you think I should try! 


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