Friday, 27 June 2014

June Favourites 2014!


Two blog posts in one month...whatt!?! That's what you call being a school leaver!! Since being off I've decided that now is probably the right time to start picking up my blog as I have loads of free time and not that much to do! 

Today I'm going to be telling you what things I have loved this month, I have only got a few but I thought I would share them with you anyway! 

There are 5 make up items that I have been loving this month, the first one being BarryM's Limited Edition Carousel nail varnish! Oh my gosh! It's so bright and summery! (My previous blog post will tell you more about it!) 

The second make up item I've been loving this month is the Lasting Finish Colour Rush lipstick/balm by Rimmel London, I have it in the colour 'Rumour has it', it's a lovely bright pink that is perfect for both the summer and winter, it also stays on all day! I am able to drink and eat with it on and it still looks perfect afterwards! It also smells AMAZING!! I can never think of what it smells like but mmm! It smells great!! 

Next, I have two mascaras, the first one is 'Lash Millionaire All in 1 Mascara' by Miss Sporty, I always put this mascara on first because it makes my eyelashes so long and not all clumped together. Then I use my next favourite which is 'Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara' by Rimmel London, this is great to go on top of the mascara by Miss Sporty because it makes the mascara a bit thicker and makes your eyes stand out a bit more, but it is still suitable for an everyday look! 

The final make up item, I only got very recently. As you would know if you have read my previous posts although I have left school I am still effectively in year 11, at my school, like most other schools, I have a prom! I still have a week or so until mine however I have had a make up trial. As I am having individual eyelashes put on my eyes for my actual prom, I didn't have them in when I had my trial so the lovely girl who done my makeup put on some fake ones on so I got to see the proper, final look. I wear fake eyelashes quite often but they always seem to come off if I get hot and sweaty etc. but the girl who put these fake ones on used this eyelash glue called 'DUO eyelash adhesive'. This glue has solved all my problems with fake eyelashes falling off!! It dries invisible and is also waterproof! I don't think you can get this in any shops but you can definitely get it from eBay. If you struggle to keep fake   eyelashes stuck on, definitely try this!!

The next item isn't make up related, it's hair related. As it has been quite hot recently I haven't wanted to straighten my hair that much because if I get a bit sweaty it will go frizzy! *girl problems!!* As a alternative I have been French plaiting my hair the night before then taking it out in the morning and putting mousse on it! The mousse I have been loving is the 'VO5 plump it up, weightless mousse' it is also a heat defence as we'll so if you use mousse if you curl or straighten your hair, this would be a good product to use! When I use this mousse once I've taken the plaits out it makes the most gorgeous beach waves, which is a brilliant style for the summer! They stay in all day as well. This is the must have mousse!!

Now, the final favourite of mine this month has been a book called 'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green. Have you heard of it?! You probably have seeing as the is a film out now as well! I think the majority of people have either read this book already, currently are reading it, or saving it for their holiday! I won't say what happens because I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but if you haven't read it and heard of it, buy the book! It is amazing! I never read! Which is really bad, I only read when I'm away on holiday but I have read this book so quickly for me! Now I am off, hopefully I can buy some other books that I have been hoping to read and read them whilst I'm off for the next 8-10 weeks!

I hope you have liked finding out my favourites for this month! 
Thank you for reading!


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