Wednesday, 1 January 2014

IT'S 2014!!!!!


We made it into 2014 after surviving 2012, and getting all the way through 2013! (Woooo!!) 

Did any of you do anything for New Years Eve? I didn't do much, my family and I went round to our family/friends house. We had a curry and played games all night, which included; a Horse racing betting game, Mr and Mrs and Twister! Just before it turned 12 o'clock we turned the tv on BBC 1 and we watched the fireworks that were going off up London! We went out the front of the house and counted down from 10! Fireworks were going off all around, party poppers were being popped and cheers were coming from everywhere! It was such a good atmosphere! 
A quick snap before we went out! 

I hope you had a great evening, and even if you didn't go out, I hope your night was good anyway! 

Happy New Year to you all 


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