Saturday, 30 August 2014

Summer Outfits!


So it is coming up to the end of the Summer Holidays, this means I will be starting my first year of college soon and am finishing the longest Summer holiday I will probably ever experience! (Over 2 months long!!) 

I went away to Mexico this Summer and I thought i would show you some of the outfits I wore of a night, I am aware that it's a bit silly me doing it now Summer is nearly over but oh we'll! It might give you some ideas if you are going away next year!

So here we go...

Outfit 1:

This is a jumpsuit from Quiz, I wore this for my leavers day a couple of months ago when I left school, it's so comfy and you can dress it up (with some heals and chunky jewellery) or down (with a leather jacket and some flat shoes) depending on where you are going.
I'm not sure where the flip flops I am wearing are from as they are my sisters but they are just brown flip flops with a gold plait across the foot.

Outfit 2:
This is a lovely turquoise/teal coloured dress from New Look, I absolutely love this dress. It doesn't really have a any shape, it just goes straight down. It has a sort of swirly pattern printed all over it giving it a really nice effect. 
With this dress I wore clear glittery jellies (from Office) with white frilly socks. 
I also tied my hair into a high ponytail and clipped a medium sized white diamanté bow in the front to finish off the look.

Outfit 3:
This is a really easy outfit just to throw on but still quite nice and going outy! I'm just wearing black disco pants and a cream flower detailed croptop from new look.
I am wearing healed black jellies from Office. 

Outfit 4:
 Before I talk about my outfit, excuse the silly hand pose! It's just a pose I did whilst on holiday! I have no idea why!! Anywayyyyy....The top in this outfit is the same as the cream one but in orange, this is also from New Look. The shorts are from H&M, they have a beautiful floral pattern on the front. Where these shorts are white they look so nice with a tan!!
I'm not wearing any shoes in this picture but I either wore white high top converse or white diamanté flip flops. 

I hope you liked reading about what I wore this Summer, apologies for it being at the end of Summer!

I am hoping to show you a couple of Autumn outfits soon, so look out for my next fashion post! 

Thank you for reading, comment what sort of clothes you have liked wearing this summer or what clothes you are looking forward to wearing in Autumn/Winter time! 



Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Prom 2014


So I left school this year, and at the end of the school year my school holds an annual prom for the leavers. There is a system you have to do to be able to get an invite to prom, these are prom points! There are lots of things you have to do to get points but it is much easier to lose them! For example, to gain a point you would need to go to a revision session, to lose a point, it could be as easy as not going to form (form is the same as registration)  in the morning or afternoon or getting a detention. 

Anyway! I managed to get enough points to go, so as soon as I knew I went dress looking straight away! I only went to two shops and found the dress I loved in the second shop. I had been scrolling through the internet and found a dress that I had fallen inlove with from a shop in Brentwood - which luckily isn't that far from where I live! So one Saturday in February I finally persuaded my mum to take me to the shop to try on this dress that I absolutely loved! We got to the shop and I tried on the dress, it was so gorgeous but I knew by my mums face that it didn't look as nice on as what it did off! I looked in the mirror and I was so disappointed! It just didn't look right on me, like it had a padded bra fitted but my boobs were no where near as big as these pads! It looked ridiculous on me. Unfortunately the dress I loved really didn't love me! 

After the massive whohar in the other shop my mum took me to Bluewater in Kent. After the morning I had, I wasn't really looking to buy a dress there but I went into a shop called Oriental Pearle, I tried a couple of dresses on. I really liked the style of one but the colour of another. We spoke to the lady who worked there and she said I could get the dress I wanted in the colour I wanted made, it would be made in America and take about 6 months. Sooo, that's what I done! I didn't actually get to see the finished product until about a month before prom but oh my god! I loved it! I have never felt so elegant and ladylike in my whole entire life!! The dress wasn't the style I originally wanted but now I couldn't think of a better dress! (Mums are always right!!) 

On the day of the prom, I had my hair and makeup done! They both looked stunning! 

Here are some pictures...
This was my hair at the back 
This is what it looked like from the top haha!
This was my eye makeup, it was a natural smokey eye look, I know the lady who done my makeup used MAC  eyeshadow but I'm not sure what shades, I'm really sorry if you wanted to know! 
Here is a another picture of the makeup I wore but a better picture if you want to see what it looked like on my face properly! I know the lady used the MAC face and body foundation in N1 and the lipstick I wore was just a purple from Avon. I'm really sorry I don't know what shade she used on my eyes! 
I was so lucky! My nan and grandad bought me a corsage which was absolutely stunning! It went with my dress so perfectly! My bag was from a little stall in the middle of my local shopping centre, this also went really well with my dress because the dimontés matched the ones on my dress! 

This was my dress, you can't really see the colour very well in any of the pictures, it was an Aubergine colour. It sounds horrific but it was actually stunning! As you can see my friends and I travelled on a vintage, red double decker bus! I'm so greatful to my mum who paid out for flowers and the little sign at the top of the bus, it totally finished it off and made it look original and amazing! 

I enjoyed prom so much! I danced my feet off all night! Then had the most amazing time at after party! If any of you have second thoughts about going to your prom... Go! It will probably be the best night of your lives! You probably won't see half the people you spent your last five years with so enjoy the evening with them because you will probably regret not going! 

Did you have a prom or end of year party? What colour dress did you wear? 



Friday, 27 June 2014

June Favourites 2014!


Two blog posts in one month...whatt!?! That's what you call being a school leaver!! Since being off I've decided that now is probably the right time to start picking up my blog as I have loads of free time and not that much to do! 

Today I'm going to be telling you what things I have loved this month, I have only got a few but I thought I would share them with you anyway! 

There are 5 make up items that I have been loving this month, the first one being BarryM's Limited Edition Carousel nail varnish! Oh my gosh! It's so bright and summery! (My previous blog post will tell you more about it!) 

The second make up item I've been loving this month is the Lasting Finish Colour Rush lipstick/balm by Rimmel London, I have it in the colour 'Rumour has it', it's a lovely bright pink that is perfect for both the summer and winter, it also stays on all day! I am able to drink and eat with it on and it still looks perfect afterwards! It also smells AMAZING!! I can never think of what it smells like but mmm! It smells great!! 

Next, I have two mascaras, the first one is 'Lash Millionaire All in 1 Mascara' by Miss Sporty, I always put this mascara on first because it makes my eyelashes so long and not all clumped together. Then I use my next favourite which is 'Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara' by Rimmel London, this is great to go on top of the mascara by Miss Sporty because it makes the mascara a bit thicker and makes your eyes stand out a bit more, but it is still suitable for an everyday look! 

The final make up item, I only got very recently. As you would know if you have read my previous posts although I have left school I am still effectively in year 11, at my school, like most other schools, I have a prom! I still have a week or so until mine however I have had a make up trial. As I am having individual eyelashes put on my eyes for my actual prom, I didn't have them in when I had my trial so the lovely girl who done my makeup put on some fake ones on so I got to see the proper, final look. I wear fake eyelashes quite often but they always seem to come off if I get hot and sweaty etc. but the girl who put these fake ones on used this eyelash glue called 'DUO eyelash adhesive'. This glue has solved all my problems with fake eyelashes falling off!! It dries invisible and is also waterproof! I don't think you can get this in any shops but you can definitely get it from eBay. If you struggle to keep fake   eyelashes stuck on, definitely try this!!

The next item isn't make up related, it's hair related. As it has been quite hot recently I haven't wanted to straighten my hair that much because if I get a bit sweaty it will go frizzy! *girl problems!!* As a alternative I have been French plaiting my hair the night before then taking it out in the morning and putting mousse on it! The mousse I have been loving is the 'VO5 plump it up, weightless mousse' it is also a heat defence as we'll so if you use mousse if you curl or straighten your hair, this would be a good product to use! When I use this mousse once I've taken the plaits out it makes the most gorgeous beach waves, which is a brilliant style for the summer! They stay in all day as well. This is the must have mousse!!

Now, the final favourite of mine this month has been a book called 'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green. Have you heard of it?! You probably have seeing as the is a film out now as well! I think the majority of people have either read this book already, currently are reading it, or saving it for their holiday! I won't say what happens because I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but if you haven't read it and heard of it, buy the book! It is amazing! I never read! Which is really bad, I only read when I'm away on holiday but I have read this book so quickly for me! Now I am off, hopefully I can buy some other books that I have been hoping to read and read them whilst I'm off for the next 8-10 weeks!

I hope you have liked finding out my favourites for this month! 
Thank you for reading!


Friday, 20 June 2014

My nail vanish love!...


Every time I go shopping I always seem to find myself going into Superdrug or Boots looking at the BarryM nail polishes! Over the last year or so BarryM nail polishes have become my slightly unhealthy obsession!! 

Here are the polishes that I wear most often. I am missing a dark pink one which is called 'pomagramet' but from right to left these are called 'bright red', 'carousel', 'blueberry', 'almond', the next one was another limited edition one but it don't have name of it on the bottom and the final nail Polish is called 'black multi glitter'. 

I love the 'blueberry' and 'carousel' so much! I think they are a great colour for summer! 
This colour is so lovely! It's the colour of the sky in the summer! I will definitely be wearing this a lot this summer!! Also it is part of the 'Gelly' selection so it's great for if you are going on holiday and worried your polish will come off if you keep going in the pool etc. Also I find the 'Gelly' polishes stay on for a reasonably long time and don't get chipped as easily as normal ones. 
I brought these three yesterday, I have already mentioned about the 'blueberry' one. The middle nail polish is called 'carousel' it's limited edition and a bright orange/coral colour. This is great for summer as well because it is so bright! The other polish is really good for if you are at school or you don't want a bright colour. It's quite pale but you can still notice it! This is also a 'Gelly' polish, so this is perfect for a nude sort of nail!

This is 'bright red' it is a lovely bright colour and great to wear at Christmas! 

These two are so cute! The pink polish was a limited edition one, I think it's really cute to wear on just one nail with the others painted a light pink. The black is one that I wear at Christmas because it's got glitter in it. If you want a black polish but don't want it to be a matte or want it to be a bit more girly then this is definitely the one!!

Thank you for reading! Let me know what colours or nail polishes you think I should try! 


Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Get to Know Me Tag...


So I have totally abandoned my blog since New Year! Mainly because the stress of school and revision/coursework! The joys of being in year 11 aye! I've suddenly had the urge to blog but I didn't really have any ideas of what to write so I thought I'd take this challenge and do it! Soo...

1) Do you have a middle name?
    Yes, my middle name is Jayne

2) What is your favourite subject at school?
      I have 3 favourite subjects at school; PE, English and French

3) What's your favourite drink?
     I like to Dr Pepper or Cherry Coke occasionally but I like to drink water usually because it makes me feel fresh and hydrated!

4) What's your favourite song at the moment?
     I love ALL of Demi Lovatos songs however I have a strange obsession with Your Man by Josh Turner 

5) What would you name your children?
     Since I was about 4 I've loved the names Lexi, Lanii and Lacie. I haven't really thought about boys names though! Luckily I'm only 15 so I don't have to worry for a long time yet!

6) Do you participate in any sports?
      YES! My life is revolved around sport! I play Badminton 5/6 days aweek, I dance - Ballet and Modern, I play Netball occasionally and go swimming every week! 

7) What's your favourite book?
     I only tend to read when I'm on holiday which is really bad but I just don't have time! I don't really have a favourite book but I like the author Sophie McKenzie- I've read all of her books so far! And I love reading Demi Lovato's 365 days a year!

8) What's your favourite colour?

9) What's your favourite animal?
     I'm not a animal person but I like fish!

10) What's your favourite perfume?
       Calvin Klein - One Summer 

11) What's your favourite holiday?
       Probably summer holiday because you can get a tan and go out and have fun without being cold or wet!

12) Have you graduated Highschool?
       Nope only about 3 months left!!

13) Have you been out the country?
       Yes, the most recent places I have been are, Rhodes, Barcelona, Turkey, Austria and Egypt.

14) Do you speak any other languages?
       I have been doing French for 5 years and I am doing a GCSE in it! Unfortunately I am still not very good at it! 

15) Do you have any siblings?
       Yes, I have an 11 year old sister

16) What's your favourite store?
       My favourite drug store is Superdrug and my favourite clothes store is New Look 

17) What's your favourite restaurant?
       My favourite fast food restaurant is KFC but my favourite proper restaurant is Giraffe or Harvester for the massive Ice Cream desserts!!

18) Do you like school?
       I love certain subjects but the majority of the time I do not like school, however I am staying on at Sixth Form!

19) Who are some of your favourite youtubers?
       Zoella, Joe Sugg, Pointless Blog, Marcus Butler, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, Louise- Sprinkle of Glitter and Sophie Foster
20) What's your favourite movie?
       My favourite movie is My Girl but I love Grease!

21) What's your favourite TV show?
       I love Celebrity Juice, Googlebox and 8 out of 10 cats!

22) PC or Mac?
       Mac, I have a IMac 

23) What phone do you have?
       iPhone 5s

24) How tall are you?
       I don't really know! I'd say about 5foot5 maybe?! 

25) Any pets?
       My sister has a bird if that counts?

We'll that is it! Thank you for reading, follow my blog so you can get to know more about me and I promise I will be back soon!  



Wednesday, 1 January 2014

IT'S 2014!!!!!


We made it into 2014 after surviving 2012, and getting all the way through 2013! (Woooo!!) 

Did any of you do anything for New Years Eve? I didn't do much, my family and I went round to our family/friends house. We had a curry and played games all night, which included; a Horse racing betting game, Mr and Mrs and Twister! Just before it turned 12 o'clock we turned the tv on BBC 1 and we watched the fireworks that were going off up London! We went out the front of the house and counted down from 10! Fireworks were going off all around, party poppers were being popped and cheers were coming from everywhere! It was such a good atmosphere! 
A quick snap before we went out! 

I hope you had a great evening, and even if you didn't go out, I hope your night was good anyway! 

Happy New Year to you all 

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