Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Starting up...


So this is my first... and last blogpost in 2013! I thought now would be a good year to start blogging as I can start freshly, I'll make it a New Years resolution!

Next year I will try my best to put up at least 2 blogposts a week! This may be a bit hard some weeks as I am in my finial year at Secondary School (year11) and I am half way through my GCSE's. Obviously revision and coursework will have to come first but I will make time to blog as well as do all the sports I love and relax! 

Anyway, Christmas is over!:( my favourite time of year is over again! But at least I can look forward to holidays and the summer now! How was your Christmas? Mine was really good! From Christmas Eve till the 27th was jam packed! I think this year has been the busiest, however it was still amazing and such a laugh! 

Here's a picture from Christmas Day! Lots of laughs in our house with these glasses! 

Let me know how your Christmas went, I'd love to hear your stories! 

Have a very Happy New Year and Ill see you in 2014! 



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